by Billy Roper

Keith Ellison, the Democratic Congressman from Minnesota who is second in command of the Democratic Party, is a full blown Black Nationalist.

That’s not a bad thing. More and more blacks are realizing, as I told them in Memphis at the ‘Rally For Forrest’, that the United States of America was founded by literal White Nationalists, and created exclusively, of, by, and for White people. I’ll try to find the interview where I asked one confrontational black reporter if she thought that the U.S. government was motivated and tainted by institutional racism. She first refused to answer on the record, with other reporters recording her, then she agreed that centuries of slavery, Jim Crow laws, and White privilege made it so, irredeemably. Why then, I responded, would you want to stay a part of it? Wouldn’t you rather have your own nation where you can control your own destiny as a people, and promote your own interests, culture, and heritage?

You see, we don’t want them. I wish that slavery had never happened not because it was evil, but because it brought them here. And, being mentally like petulant children, when they sense that a country club or a fraternity doesn’t want them, or you don’t like them, they don’t respond like human beings. If somebody doesn’t like me, I don’t try to force myself on them and demand that they hang out with me. But they do, because they can’t stand to not be petted and loved. They need it, psychologically, to salve their inferiority complex. That’s understandable.

Some of them, though, are reaching that next “take my toys and go home” level of development, partly as a bluff to get White liberals to crawfish and beg them to stay with reparations and gibmedats, but partially because they think they really mean it. We should definitely encourage this idea.

I gave an extensive interview to Aziz of the Atlantic this past weekend which should be out soon, in which I talked extensively about the inevitability of the balkanization of America and the rise of ethnostates, and the many exciting attractions of a New Afrika, based on the demographic observations in my book ‘The Balk’. You see, no single racial group in America can more “legitimately” claim that they need and, by God, are owed, an ethnostate of their own, than blacks. And once there is one, there will be the precedent for demands and justifications of others. Winner, winner. Aztlan for Mestizos? Sure. Let’s carve up this turkey.

Imagine the beauty and justice of an independent black nation, unbound from the effects of unconscious bias and systemic inequality! No more racists to deal with. No more condescension or contempt to face. No more spelling tests or expectations of civility. No more high water marks of White social behavior held up as impossible standards. Free at last, Free at last!

Us, too.