All of the home-grown Tennessee Antifa punked out from the ‘Rally For Forrest’ in Memphis. Corey Lemley and Sean Liter were apparently too busy fellating each other, or were just too scared to face real life White Nationalists. Likewise, Chris Irwin’s excuse may have been that he was saving his energy for Trump’s visit to Nashville. The de facto ‘leader’ of the Antifa for the counter-protest, who showed up three hours late with three boyfriends in skinny jeans, had to be imported from Arkansas, where he’s been afraid to come out against White Nationalists, too. Meet Martin Bemberg. Now you know why he wears a mask.

His legal name, according to this mugshot from when he was arrested back in August, is Thomas Martin Bemberg. He was charged then with disorderly conduct and released on a $500 fine for his illegal actions in an anti-White protest in Hot Springs, Arkansas. He also, frankly, can’t write for shit. He’s a Jr., and I’m sure his Jew parents, Thomas Martin Bemberg, Sr., and withered up old Holocaust survivor Paula, are very proud. Here’s a link to his address, complete with an aerial map and a street view. Ain’t technology fun? If you think so, too, thank a White person.

Believe it or not, Martie isn’t gay, at least, not full-time. Ask his wife, Kristin Smith, if you can catch her out of jail.

Get to know all of Communist Jew Martin Bemberg‘s friends and family from the links freely available online. Copy the picture of his Jewnibrow and scraggly gay beardlet. He wants to be famous as a “singer”, like the Jews Dylan or Ginsberg or Bukowski. He doesn’t really have the talent for that, though. Let’s get him some notoriety for something else, like being a Communist Antifa. Oh, and a watch. Somebody, please get this stupid kike a watch, so he won’t be three hours late, next time he drives several hours to not meet us.

In this archived facebook page link, you’ll see that Martin’s also connected to Dillon Sweeten, the cowardly homosexual Communist, and others such as Cat Bynum-Caldwell who failed at starting a Redneck Revolt/John Brown Gun Club Antifa group in Mountain Home after the ShieldWall Network and our allies called them out and doxxed their supporters until they all punked out, too.

Marvin Spencer, Arkansas’ gibmedat version of Fat Albert, didn’t make the ride over with Martie. Probably there wasn’t room in the car. Or maybe even the four fags who “came together” couldn’t stomach hearing about his cancer and his rent deficit for four hours each way. That Marvin always needs a ride, foah he repamarations.

There’s a lot more that is available publicly, legally, online about old Martie, but I think this is a good start. And we are just getting started. Congratulations, Martie, you got our attention. We hope the trip was worth it for you and your family. We really have to respect someone that committed to the cause.