From Splinter News

by Abdul Aziz

“…Billy Roper of The Shield Wall Network, who also showed up in Memphis that day, has a different view. Roper is a self-proclaimed white nationalist who the Southern Poverty Law Center describes as “the uncensored voice of violent neo-Nazism.” Roper is known for his unabashed use of racist, anti-Semitic language and violent rhetoric, at times suggesting that genocide and eugenics should be considered as potential tools to create an all-white ethno-state within the borders of United States. “Ethnic cleansing is no new concept,” he said during the Memphis protest. “It’s always been human nature.”

The way he saw it, the Shield Wall Network was here to nudge the Confederate activists in the right direction. “My job is to be as extreme as I can be legally,” he said. “My radical flank works to make Confederate 901 more radical and extreme.”

 At one point during the day, Billy Roper and a group of about a dozen supporters managed to post up just outside of Health Sciences Park, formerly known as Forrest Park. Once there, they unfurled a banner: “Diversity = White Genocide.”…”