Sven Longshanks and Billy Roper look at Prince Harry’s visit to a Black radio station in the Brixton ghetto and Donald Trump breaking his promise to build a wall in today’s episode.

Prince Harry was upstaged by his negress on Monday, when he visited a radio station that was paid for with public money in a failed attempt to stop London negroes from stabbing each other. The crowd was majority Black and none of them had any interest in Harry, they were all screeching and hollering at what they see as their ho in the palace. A man may be upstaged by his wife due to the feminine charms of the fairer sex, but in this case it was purely and simply because she was Black and so were the audience.

Negroes on both sides of the pond have also been making a lot of noise about the clothing company H and M featuring a young Black model wearing a shirt that says ‘The coolest monkey in the jungle’. By complaining about this, Blacks are clearly admitting that they do look like monkeys, because if they didn’t, then they would be like White children and would be happy to be called little monkeys. Blacks are too stupid to realise this though and have instead been pretending to be ‘kangs’ again, when the only time they have ever been around royalty before was as eunuchs looking after the stables.

It looks like Donald Trump is going to give citizenship to all the illegals in America, in the hopes that they might vote republican and he is also talking about exchanging the wall, for a few extra border guards. This is treason of the worst kind to the White Americans who put him in the Oval Office and were expecting him to at least slow down the flood of human waste pouring into America. Instead, this will probably just encourage more to invade the country as they all cram themselves in before the announced date of the amnesty. The same human rights act that was used to ‘re-unite’ families together in America should be used to re-unite them all with their families back in Mexico.

Alison Chabloz was also put on trial today and reports are that it has gone well, with a packed gallery full of supporters laughing and singing along to her songs as they were played in court. We hope to have more information on this later in the week.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Billy Roper

The Daily Nationalist: The Richest Monkey in Brixton – DN 011018

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