Will the police be on hand to make sure that the racial assaults carried out against White students are limited to the verbal variety?

Those who believe that they will resurrect the Confederacy in the deep south have a number of issues to overcome. First, they need to be a Whites only movement themselves, and not accept mixed race Cubans and Puerto Ricans and American Indians. Second, they need to actually defend the South. However, even if they are successful, they will create a multiracial, White supremacist society which has sown within its very foundation the seeds of its own future destruction, once again. That is, unless they hope to commit large scare ethnic cleansing and genocide against over twenty million blacks and other nonWhites who now live there. That’s their best solution, and one that I’d endorse. I wonder if they have the stomach for it, though, much less the numbers? As more and more Whites worth saving vote with their feet and move out of the deep south to the upper south, a larger and larger percentage of the Whites remaining in the deep south are the carpetbaggers and their descendants, and the low quality trash who have no problem with this kind of lunacy:

“A (black) Florida professor teaching a “White Racism” course designed to show “the U.S. has been and remains a white supremacist society” will have his classroom guarded by two police officers as his students meet for the first time Tuesday, the university has revealed.”

So, what if he’s correct? That means that blacks should seek separation and their own government, their own ethnostate, just as I told them in Memphis, right?