Two new articles have been posted giving a belated response to the ShieldWall Network and our allies’ successful ‘Rally For Forrest’ in Memphis last weekend, half a week later. They are from a decidedly left-wing perspective. At least, both are from a position to the left of ours.

“If they want to separate people from their identity and their heritage and their history, then that is a way of making them unaware of their identity and heritage so they can easily be genocided,” Roper said. Whites are being targeted, bred out, and erased, he continued, because whenever an area is diversified, it’s always a majority white area.

“No one says Kenya or Nigeria need more diversity or that South Central L.A. and Harlem need more diversity,” he shouted through a bullhorn. “They always say that white areas, and only white areas, need more diversity.”

And this leads to fewer white people by percentage, which he describes as an act of genocide.

“According to the United Nations’ definition of the term, genocide doesn’t have to be the violent murder of millions of people,” Roper continued. “It means their cultural displacement and their demographic replacement.”

This from the Memphis Flyer and Maya, whom other news reporters in the city laugh about when I joke with them that the paper is something which they use to wipe the mud off of their shoes. The  new article was written by the illiterate, squat little Buffalina who got offended when I told her the blacks are more closely related to bonobos genetically than they are to Whites. It took her four days to think up this weak response. She obviously had help, but not very good help. The use of some of my other quotes which hadn’t been published previously, even if misremembered by her, isn’t a bad thing, though.

She did a better job, a least, of repeating the explicitly racial tone of my message than our second new article of the day, published by the group which considers Jews to be White and worships Asians as being superior to us.

American Renaissance just re-published a heavily edited and redacted version of one of the news articles about our victory in Memphis last weekend. Of course they don’t like the term White Nationalist, but I do, since I want a White nation. They stripped any mention of my racial views except the banner from the article. To me, like most of the things they do, that takes the guts out of it. I’d prefer they hadn’t written anything at all, if they were going to make it that weak. See what you think.