by Billy Roper

With the 2018 mid-term elections coming up this fall, blue states are on track to become more deeply blue, sliding even further leftwards, and red states are looking as if they will turn even deeper crimson red, and edge further to the right. Each are reacting against the other. Both sides of the divide are radicalizing in their own stewing echo chambers. The Pacific Northwest and the Southwest, as they become even more liberal, will become more extreme in that, and in the upper South, which is becoming more conservative due to ongoing regional White flight from the darkening deep south which is going under nonWhite control, RINO Republican establishment politicians will be challenged by more populist right wing candidates in the primaries.

Both coasts will be fully Democratic, in all likelihood. In fact, far-left candidates will challenge moderate Democrats in blue state primary elections. Republicans will increase their hold on New America. What this new New York Times article describes is how, just as was prognosticated in Billy Roper’s ‘The Balk’, this will lead to growing sectionalism in Congress as states ally themselves with other adjoining state House and Senate lawmakers in their neighboring region for their common interests against the expressed allied political interests of other regions of the country. More importantly, each of these regions will find that their interests diverge from the interests of the Federal government and the elite establishment in Washington, D.C., trying to hold it all together under a shrinking centrist foundation.

As ethnostates congeal and people vote with their feet to voluntarily move to areas where they are the majority, the snowball effect will create even more acceleration of the polarization, division, and ultimately the balkanization process. Things to look for: elected officials and Congressional candidates will begin speaking in terms of regional interests: “Midwestern values”, “Heartland economic concerns”, “Mid-American Culture”, “Flyover Heritage”, i.e., rather than national interests. Those will become euphemism for ethnostate interests.

What this means is that the crisis trigger scenario which creates a vacuum of power or the will to exercise existing power at the Federal level which will lead to the balkanization of America may not necessarily have to be at the zombie apocalypse or global nuclear war level. With Congress dividing along regional lines and sectionalism becoming a thin veneer for emerging ethnostate interests, it could all come unraveled due to a budget impasse, a recession, or a relatively minor immigration issue such as the latest round of amnesty, or a combination of the above. In other words, we may not have to go full Mad Max, before we get our ethnostate. It could happen through regional economic alliances and political confederations becoming formalized into de facto regional secessionist blocks of states. In such a scenario it would be even more important for our people to be adjacent to or already in local and County level positions of power and influence, in order to direct those state and regional platforms. This is the focus of the ShieldWall Network plan, Project New America.

The precedent for regionalism and sectionalism becoming the dominant force in Congress has already been well established. In 1856, Preston Brooks of South Carolina beat Senator Charles Sumner of Massachusetts bloody with a cane on the floor of the Senate. Northern Republicans and Free Soilers literally fist-fought with Southern Democrats during a legislative session in the House of Representatives two years later, with thirty Congressman joining the fray. Three years after that, the Civil War began.

The mid-term elections of 2018 will mark the beginning of the great divide, when America’s polarization is reflected in our elected legislative representatives, and Congress becomes as divided as the country as a whole already is.