In the special “A Divorce Proposal” pre-Valentine’s Day episode of The Roper Report, Billy discusses the reality behind Martin Luther King and his holiday, before delving into the thorny subject of women’s roles in the pro-White movement, particularly when it comes to public activism in today’s increasingly violent environment for rallies, protests, and demonstrations.

Next, he offers relationship advice for both men and women on how to find a racially conscious mate. Men and women both should behave in compliance with traditional gender roles in order to attract healthy counterparts. Billy explains to men what women want, and tells women what men want.

Women should be feminine and ladylike and demure, with empathy and tenderness. Men should be Alphas, leaders and conquerors, who can defend and protect their ladies, and are willing to.

The title of the episode doesn’t just refer to the separation of the genders back into traditional complementary roles, but the separation of the United States into several ethno-states through the coming Balkanization as well. Billy discusses how the amnesty coming for DACA dreamers and their families will affect the 2018 mid-term elections, and even more importantly, how immigration ‘reform’ will affect the 2020 Presidential election, and all future elections after the 2020 census is taken, as some currently ‘red’ states turn ‘blue’ skewing the electoral college leftwards. This will be another big leap towards the breakup of America, something which, as he points out, the Left now wants as badly as the Right does.

Presented by Billy Roper

The Roper Report: A Divorce Proposal – TRR 011718

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