Recently, the leader of the New Albion movement, Tom Kawczynski, has come under fire by pro-Muslim and far left activists such as Antifa. As the Town Manager of Jackman, Maine, Mr. Kawczynski has worked to improve the lives of his fellow citizens through job creation, environmental protection, and the promotion of local culture and heritage. For those crimes, and for exercising his first amendment protected right to freedom of speech in his personal time, he and his family are being attacked in an attempt to destroy his career and their lives.

Unlike far too many public figures who are intimidated into renouncing their rights and freedoms by vicious liberal attacks, Mr. Kawczynski has decided not to recant or apologize his traditional values, or his expressed disapproval of the attempt to force Muslim Sharia law and other anti-Western influences on his community.

Here is his bold statement on Gab to the left-wing media, who are grilling him, his family and friends, and other members of the town government about his views:

“I am genuinely sorry for the now thousands of people who hate me based upon a skewed interpretation of the ideas I’ve shared quite openly as #NewAlbion.  But I have only this platform to push back, and I am standing literally as one man against the storm of what has become the entire national media.

I believe if you express ideas you think to be true, it is your moral obligation as a citizen to defend those.  Love of your people, protecting them from threats, and looking for a better future are my goals, and I make no apology for those.

I also know I am serving as an inspiration for countless numbers of faceless people who have been intimidated into silence, and standing tall in this lonely time owes much to their fellowship and encouragement.  I am grateful beyond belief for knowing I am not alone so I can demonstrate neither are they.”

If you’d like to read Mr. Kawczynski’s apparently controversial views on preserving the traditional culture and heritage of our nation for yourself, in their correct and accurate context, read his recent articles on his New Albion website, here.