In their typically snide Jewey attack on New Albion White ethnostate founder Tom Kawczynski this week, the B’nai Brith (meaning ‘Brotherhood of the Circumcised’, a kosher group originally founded to defend a Jewish factory owner who raped and murdered a young White girl and which then moved on to committing acts of espionage against the United States on behalf of Israel, inadvertently gave a boost to the Shield Wall Network and our observation of an emerging White ethnostate, Project New America:

from the ADL:

“As he pursues his racist dream in Maine, Kawczynski’s most vocal online supporter is long-time white supremacist Billy Roper of Mountain View, Arkansas, who was recently named the leader of a new group, the Shield Wall Network. Roper is currently promoting “Project New America,” a plan to build Ozarkia, an ethno-state that will start with “forty contiguous counties straddling the Arkansas and Missouri border that are already over 95% white.” Roper explains on his blog, The Roper Report, that after evacuating whites from “darkening” Louisiana, Mississippi and southern Arkansas, he will gain access to city and county governments, institutions, and organizations, and quickly expand into an equally large surrounding area that is “around 90% white.”

“After the United States breaks up,” Roper chillingly explains, “large nonwhite enclaves such as St. Louis, Kansas City, Chicago, and Memphis will be reduced through negotiation, evacuation, siege, conflict and cleansing.”

Roper isn’t the only one eyeing the south as a new white ethno-state. In December 2017, someone claiming to be the leader of Gulflandia, an expansive southern white ethno-state, wrote, “As founder and chairman of Gulflandia Ethno-states of America, which stretches from the Atlantic coast of Florida to the Gulf Coast down to Brownsville, Texas, I want to say as leader of the largest ethno-state in North America that we will be leading the way in the fight to free ourselves from the Jew controlled USA.”

Roper has also promoted the “State of Franklin” as a Tennessee-based seedbed white ethno-state. A map, provided by Roper, indicates Franklin is located in the southern Appalachian area of northeast Tennessee. According to the group’s website, they are fundamentalist Christians with a direct connection and bloodline to various western European ethnicities (i.e., Scottish, German, Scots-Irish, English, Welsh, Irish, etc.) who support local politics, laws, customs, operations, economy and culture. A post outlining the State of Franklin Party platform states, “we stake our claim to the land of our ancestors to secure a positive culture and habitation for our posterity.”

The greasy hook-nosed kikes even stole two pictures off of The Roper Report website for their article.

In a similarly anti-White article out of Maine with a much smaller readership, semi-literate hack Andy O’Brien hunted and pecked “Back in December, the notorious neo-Nazi Billy Roper wrote on his blog that “overwhelmingly White areas of upper New England make a natural ethnostate seedbed” and that “New Albion is organizing for the future which we all see coming, in post-Balkanization America.””