Dennis Motherbaugh, after a temporary failure in his planned transportation plans was overcome when a White rights supporter voluntarily offered up their family’s rent money in order to buy him a bus ticket home, is out of jail finally and done with the travesty of justice which took place, and is still taking place, in Charlottesville.

James Alex Fields, the driver whose car was assaulted, causing him to lose control and hit some anti-White protesters unlawfully blocking traffic in the street, is still being held awaiting trial.

Richard Preston, 52, faces charges of discharging a weapon within 1000 feet of a school (which was  not in session at the time, as August 12th, 2017 was a Saturday) for firing a warning shot at a black terrorist using an improvised flamethrower against unarmed Whites.

Tyler Watkins Davis, 49, has been arrested in Florida on a warrant out of Charlottesville for defending himself against Deandre Harris, who was recently pulled over for speeding while out on bond for assault himself and found to be in possession of illegal drugs and a loaded, chambered AR-15 concealed in the back seat of his car.

Jacob Goodwin, who turned 23 in jail, is expecting another bail hearing in the near future.

Jacob Goodwin

#634728, 160 Peregory Ln, Charlottesville, VA 22902

The  next trial dates will be in  March. Jacob’s lawyer plans on asking for bail once again, based on Deandre Harris’s medical records which show that no physical injuries were sustained by Mr. Harris through his brief contact with Mr. Goodwin. Therefore, the state’s charge of ‘Malicious Wounding’ has no legal basis on which to continue. Depending on what level of bail is set, Jacob’s parents MAY have enough to have him let out to stay with a local member of the community. If a high bail is set, they do not. However, the monthly house arrest fee which is expected to accompany such a release until Jacob’s trial begins in May will be very expensive, around $400 per month. Your donations to help with this next stage of Jacob’s legal battle are greatly appreciated. You may use a credit or debit card or paypal to donate here, or you can send concealed cash or checks made out to “Goodwin” to:

13992 Libby Lane, Ward, Arkansas, 72176

You can also make direct contributions to Jacob’s canteen fund, to help him get better food, toiletries, and other small luxury items, here.

Thank you for continuing to pray for the Charlottesville defendants, and for your continued support of their families.