Philip Martin, the hypocritical liberal editorial writer for the Jewish run Arkansas Democrat Gazette newspaper, wrote an article today which shows us exactly what White Genocide looks like. After repeating the solidly disproven innuendo that Thomas Jefferson had sex with one of his mullato slaves, the uneducated author shilled for reparations of one kind or another for obsolete farm machinery, and then threw in this:

“There is real danger in identity politics; we don’t want to split our nation into tribes concerned primarily with the advancement of the bloc. (We don’t want a country split into Red and Blue camps where everyone shouts like anonymous Internet commenters.) We don’t want a balkanized America; mongrelization is important to the American experiment. Miscegenation is the world’s greatest hope.”

As I often discuss on my radio show, The Roper Report, or on my blog, or in my books, the balkanization which anti-White liberals fear is not only an inevitability, it’s already happening.

Here is how you can contact Mr. Martin, if you’d like to express your feelings on his literal call for mongrelization and miscegenation, which of course aren’t being advocated for Jews in Israel or Blacks in Kenya or Asians in China, but only for Whites. That makes them White Genocide.