by Paul Jones

One of the most interesting American writers, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., wrote a short story about the future called “Harrison Bergeron,” made into a t.v. movie in 1995. In it he describes a future  in which no one is allowed to excel, and those who have talents over and above the rest are forced to attach a “handicapping” device to their heads and are shown only mind-numbing shows on television.

In many ways this is what the American education system, both public and private, has had to do in order to deal with the increasing percentages of non-white minorities in the classrooms. (with the exception of East Asians, of course)

I recall many years ago, at the height of the elation over the “No Child Left Behind” initiative, the governor of Florida saying that everyone should be able to receive a college education. How could this be possible? The answer is to continue the “dumbing down” process of education which has spread throughout secondary schools to higher education and this is obviously what has been going on.

The other day I read that by 2020, white persons in the U.S. under the age of 18 will simply be another minority in a nation of minorities. As this percentage continues to shrink, modelling what has already happened in California, we’re going to move into the “brave new world” where blacks and Hispanics combined are a larger minority group than whites in the school system.

While “whites” of Jewish descent will always find ways to push their offspring to higher academic achievement, whites of European descent, especially in the lower and lower-middle classes, will be consigned to the “dumbed down” educational “scrap heap” with most blacks and Hispanics, where they will be expected to disappear into the mulatto and mestizo masses of the future that Z.O.G. envisions as being the ideal solution to the “race problem” in the United States.