Seventy-three years ago, a very real Holocaust happened. It didn’t take place behind barbed wire, and its perpetrators weren’t German. In fact, they were its victims: the elderly, women, and children. According to some estimates, the purposeful fire-bombing of the city of Dresden from February 13th-15th, 1945, along with the firebombing of Hamburg and other defenseless German cities by the American and British air forces, made official German civilian deaths from “strategic bombing” nearly half a million, almost DOUBLE the official International Red Cross estimate of the number of Jews who died in concentration camps during W.W. II. In reality, nearly four million German civilians died. For Valentine’s Day, we remember those innocents who were mass murdered in Dresden.

This was the purposeful genocide of unarmed civilians.

“Dresden was a magnificent city of three quarters of a million people, its population further swollen by hordes of anonymous refugees from the Eastern Front. Its historic heart was destroyed in one apocalyptic night by aircraft armed with more than 4,500 tons of high explosive and incendiary bombs. This devastated area amounted to around 13 square miles…”

“Calculations of the death-toll from the Anglo-American bombing of Dresden in February 1945 have varied widely, but never ceased to be dramatic. Figures suggested have ranged from 35,000 through 100,000, and even up to half a million…”

Who did this? WE did this. To save Communism, and to hand the world to the Jews.