“Keanu, like I told you I’ll punch you in the throat, friend.”

by Tom A. Purcell

The non-Semitic leader of Zion, Benjamin Netanyahu, faces charges that further compound a tumultuous and scandalous season.  This article is titled, ‘Police Recommend Indictment of Netenyahu’ and naturally, that catches the informed eye.

You’ll find in this story that Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has admitted to accepting bribes from Hollywood.  What?  A connection between the Jews of Israel and the Jews of Hollywood?  Such a coincidence.   These recent allegations are compounded by recent tabloidish news about Netanyahu’s son partying with tax-payer money and his wife embarrassing herself in a tirade towards an aide.

The conspiracy theorists will have fun with that one, right?  Yup, I sure will.  It confirms my suspicions, and the suspicions of millions, really.  Zion’s the top dog (in the public eye) involved in shaping American public opinion.  They’ve gotten too sloppy in their manipulation, and the scope is growing beyond their grasp in Zion.  Good for the world in the long run, even if it gets ugly for a few years first.