Nicolas de Jesus Cruz, a 19 year old Cuban, has been identified as the Parkland, Florida, school shooter. Even before the seventeen dead bodies of his victims have cooled, anti-White hoplophobes are trying to use the leftist created tragedy as a political football. Literally, even though Cruz is a registered active Democratic voter in Broward County, liberals are cynically attempting to disarm Whites using these murders as their gun control propaganda.

The Communist killer was a known security threat, and was not even allowed to carry a backpack to school last year as a Senior. He was then expelled from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School for “disciplinary reasons”. Cruz also belonged to Middle East Muslim “resistance groups” on social media. Florida Cubans are, of course, not White.

Cruz discussed radical Islam and ISIS in his instagram posts, where he posed in Antifa style masks, and as the picture above demonstrates, is a self-identified Communist. It’s not clear yet whether he is one of the millions of illegal immigrant DACA “dreamers” whom President Trump wishes to grant citizenship to, or not.

Expect the anti-White controlled media to attempt to cover up Cruz’s Communist ideology and instead focus on trying to disarm White Americans.