It has been revealed that law enforcement investigators have found no connections between the Republic of Florida militia and the Parkland Florida school shooter, Nikolas de Jesus Cruz. In fact the entire story that he was at all connected to White Nationalism turns out to have been lugenpresse fake news.

Just as when the Miami Herald reporter, Alex Harris, asked one of the young girls who had survived the massacre whether the shooter was White, and if he was, whether she could interview her about it, the Jewish controlled media has been grasping at straws to try to politicize the tragedy against Whites, and disarm them.

Most interesting about the lugenpresse frenzy over the story, though, has been the continued mainstreaming of the growing idea that the United States is headed for a racial civil war, which will lead to the balkanization of America and the rise of ethnostates in its vacuum. Perhaps that looming reality is why anti-Whites are so desperate to disarm those who founded this country.