by Billy Roper

Bloated, used up old former National Alliance National Office volunteer who turned into an alcoholic thot passaround before stealing the National Alliance membership list and giving it to anti-Whites jostles her addled memory without success. She doesn’t remember regularly getting wasted and starting fights and hopping from one bed to another to another to another. There’s no recollection of constantly asking for and receiving financial and other assistance. She can’t recall faking pregnancies and miscarriages. But she remembers me taking her bowling. Still a drama queen, after all these years. And all she has left is shilling for the One People’s Project.

Showing Hate an Open Door

“…Hardwick, who grew up in Virginia, spoke with AL DÍA about how she became involved in the white hate movement. When she was a teenager, she said her boyfriend at the time had introduced her to neo-nazi music, and when she was downloading one of those songs on file-sharing website Napster, she met a man named Billy Roper in a chat room.

Roper was the membership coordinator for the National Alliance, a white supremacist political organization founded by William Pierce, the author of “The Turner Diaries,” a novel notorious for its influence among the racist right. Hardwick said she lived about an hour away from the National Alliance headquarters, and Roper invited her to go bowling.

“He didn’t say, ‘Hey, let’s go spread some hate and raise some hell,’” Hardwick recounted. “He said, ‘Let’s go bowling.’”…”