by Billy Roper

Many thanks to those who attended yesterday’s educational and inspirational ShieldWall Network meeting in north-central Arkansas. Some ShieldWall Phalanx members were attending The Knights Party’s Confederate flag rally in Harrison, which was supported by members of the League of the South, as well. Other Phalanx cadre were maintaining the peace at the Traditionalist Worker Party event at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. Even so, the regularly scheduled ShieldWall Network meeting was very well attended, especially by first time affiliates.

I’ll be frank, the nature of political activism is that every organization is a continually revolving door, because most people just don’t have the patience, the discipline, and the stamina for long-term dedication to a cause larger than themselves. They have to constantly be replaced with new blood because they burn out or get bored and find another hobby. That’s what Dr. Pierce called such people, “hobbyists”. In an earlier age they were called “summer soldiers and sunshine patriots” by Thomas Paine. It’s not their fault. They either don’t have the character and mettle to be living martyrs for our people, or they have been spoiled by instant gratification and luxury to avoid discomfort and inconvenience. Some, the best, stick around. Those are the ones we are looking for, in every batch of new people who show up at each ShieldWall Network meeting.

If you missed this one, you didn’t get to enjoy our delicious potluck lunch together in the secure, private meeting venue. You didn’t get to win any of the neat raffle prizes, or have a chance to bid on the several donated auction items for the fundraiser. You missed getting to talk to Jacob Goodwin live on the telephone when he called in from the Charlottesville jail, and hear his reaction when a letter written by the woman he saved during the Unite The Right rally was read to him. You didn’t see his momma cry, or hear his dad describe his pride for his son. You failed to meet several new male and female ShieldWall Network members who came for the first time. You didn’t hear the reports of recently past, ongoing, and future ShieldWall Network activities and plans. You missed informative lectures and discussions on political organizing, recruiting, and grassroots charity work. You didn’t learn how to get ready for what is coming; from choosing a firearm for self defense, to grafting and growing fruit trees for long-term sustainable food sources. You missed another ShieldWall Phalanx training session. You didn’t get to meet dozens of like-minded White people in real life, and share in the friendships, camaraderie, and networking opportunities with them.

But I know you wanted to be there. I know that at our next regularly scheduled ShieldWall Network meeting on Saturday, April 21st in central Arkansas, you’ll catch up. We’ll see you then.