by Billy Roper

The second amendment wasn’t written for hunting, or even for self defense. It was written by a group of recently successful rebels who wanted to make sure that the citizens were well enough armed to resist tyranny again, if they needed to.  That’s why the liberal claim that there’s no need for “military style” weapons in the hands of civilians is one made out of ignorance. That was precisely the intent of our Founding Fathers, that you and I have military grade weaponry, because the government did. “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” The first half is the cause, the second half is the effect. It’s like saying “It’s going to rain today, so I’m taking an umbrella”. The fact that they couldn’t foresee semi-automatic and automatic weapons is no more a logical excuse for the limitation of the second amendment than the fact that they couldn’t foresee the internet and television is a logical reason for limitation of the first. Liberals will automatically go into hyperbolic mode here, and say “Does that mean that Billy would be fine with people having tanks and fighter jets and nuclear bombs?”

Yes, Billy would, because what really is the difference between a person being heavily armed and a group of hostile, rogue persons calling themselves a country, like North Korea or Israel, being heavily armed, in terms of degree of danger or regulation? I’m just as dead if I’m stabbed with an ice pick or shot with a derringer, rather than having a 20 megaton neutron bomb dropped on me. In terms of scale, the result would be the same as having many more countries with their own militaries. Megacorporations might have their own forces to protect corporate interests, instead of having to leverage “national” militaries to do their bidding. That would just cut out the middleman. It would be more honest.

I also support a re-legalization of dueling, because it, too, would make society much more polite.  The reality is, if nonWhites are removed from the statistics, the United States has a gun crime problem which is about on par with that of Belgium’s, per capita, and Belgium has a lot less freedom than we still do. The truth is that while the United States was still a homogeneous, high trust society, we didn’t have these kinds of problems on this scale. Diversity and enforced multiculturalism have  destroyed our people’s sense of community and identity and belonging to something larger than themselves that they didn’t want to go shoot. But I know that neither the left, desperate to disarm Whites before the active shooting part of the coming civil war begins, or the middle, desperate to forestall it, will listen to reason. Their worldview isn’t based on rationality, logic, or fairness. They have an agenda to push and an axe to grind, and nothing will convince them to stop it. Nothing but hot lead.

Watching boomer cucks destroy their ARs, or the kids of liberal FBI agents rehearse their lines before interviews, or hearing shaven-headed lesbian Mestizas shrieking about what it means to be an American, only strengthens the resolve of many millions of Whites to let them have their guns, bullets first.

It’s coming. They know it. They’ve accepted it. They’re preparing. Are you?