by Billy Roper

Recently, I was asked how we should handle multi-generational poverty among our own people, especially when it leads to governmental dependence.

Let me preface my response by saying that, rich or poor, I love my people. And, my empathy for poor Whites is especially strong, because I grew up among them. For most of my own life, despite my educational level, I have been working class myself, due to my choice to place my political and racial cause above gaining and maintaining a high paying job. I’ve been a mortgage broker and a school teacher, an armed security guard and a ditch digger, an office manager and a meter reader, a groundskeeper and a fundraiser for charities, a professional racial activist and an author. I’ve never been wealthy. On the contrary, my heart is with those of our people who are struggling.

First, not all poor Whites are dependent on the government. If we think of areas such as the Appalachians and the Ozarks where there are indeed significant numbers of impoverished Whites, we notice specific patterns: local job markets dominated by a handful of megacorporations such as Tyson Foods, the world’s largest meat producer, and its subsidiaries. Tyson Foods imports illegal immigrants from Mexico and Central America who work for very cheap wages, undercutting the job market of the meat packing industry, which used to pay a living wage. The glut of labor drives down incomes in the entire local economy, where most consumer goods are at a nationally undifferentiated fixed rate. That having been said, the lower per capita violent crime rate in impoverished White areas in comparison with nonWhite areas is a clear indication that poverty itself is not a cause of violent crime.

Secondly, the Federal government supplying WIC and Food Stamps and even limited incomes to those who are unemployed, as well as federal social security disability for a variety of real and imagined mental, emotional, or physical ailments, creates a counter-incentive to working and independence. Living on government assistance is addictive. Speaking of which, the methamphetamine and opioid crisis has now overcome alcoholism as increasing causes of disability and death among impoverished Whites, a phenomenon often noted among displaced and disenfranchised peoples around the world.

Thirdly, there is a genetic factor. Sometimes, but not always, multiple generations of dysgenic or even interfamilial reproduction have created individuals who are of low intelligence and genetic quality. In the eternal discussion of nature vs. nurture, sometimes negative attitudes about education and achievement are passed down from the parents to the child and accepted by outsiders as being inherited rather than learned behaviors. Other times, the slack-jawed, prominent eared, jughead rawboned Celtic look of the too-isolated Scotch-Irish mountain folk is obviously inherited, and with it psychological and intellectual handicaps. Our people as a whole really have become dumber over the last several generations through the removal of the Natural Selection winnowing process, another effect of government aid. There is sometimes a correlation between inherited IQ and hyperconsanguinity, as well as economic achievement.

The solution to all of these problems afflicting impoverished Whites is a National Socialist government which will put those capable of working to work as productive and contributing members of society earning their own keep. Those who are marginally employable but not capable of progress through education can still be provided with menial labor opportunities which will allow them to be self-sufficient once the labor pool supply is diminished by the deportation of all nonWhites. This will occur through public works projects and military service employment, as the most impoverished areas of our ethnostate will need the most engineering related labor to improve and upgrade its infrastructure, and our borders will certainly need defending and expanding. The third class, those afflicted with genetic deficiencies, will be gradually reduced from the new society through both positive and negative eugenics. Those of high genetic quality will receive financial incentives to have more children, while those with nonbeneficial inherited traits will be compensated for having fewer children, or indeed, in the worst cases, for receiving permanent vasectomies and tubal ligations. Over time, they will naturally become virtually nonexistent.

No White children will go hungry. Our elderly will be honored, respected, and provided for. No White man who wants to work will be idle, and no White man will be idle who can work. In the coming ethnostate there may still be income inequality, as we are not at all Marxists, but virtually all of our people will once again become self-sufficient and contributing members of society, with the pride and sense of achievement which comes with earning one’s keep.