If anti-Whites thought they could silence or intimidate Tom Kawczynski, the founder of the nascent New Albion White ethnostate, by publicly targeting and then firing him from his position of public authority in Jackman, Maine, they misjudged his character. The witty, articulate White rights organizer who has an eye on upper New England as a future homeland for the beleaguered people who created the United States has demonstrated his courage once again. Following forcing the city government to concede him a thirty thousand dollar severance package for termination without cause after leftists complained about Tom’s privately stated personal political views, the budding author is emerging as a respected spokesman on the far right.

The New Albion website may be accessed HERE to find out more.

As his upcoming book will explain, Mr. Kawczynski’s views are far more similar to those of America’s founding fathers than are those who viciously attacked him and his family. In the meantime, this advocate for the healthy dissolution of the United States into smaller and more ethnically and culturally homogeneous ethnostates has a new Youtube channel HERE where viewers can see his new podcast series, aptly entitled “Exit Strategy”.