Posted this morning on the StormFront forum:

I am interested in YOUR input and comments on how we can all work to keep StormFront active, growing, and relevant.

Just some thoughts, based on my personal observations: There are a LOT of competing right wing podcasts and internet radio platforms out there, from the Alt Right TDS and TRS which are to the left of StormFront ideologically to the Radio Aryan and similar networks which are to its right, politically. That puts StormFront Radio about in the middle, as moderates, relatively, on the right wing political spectrum. Most of the others cater to a younger demographic than StormFront Radio does, though that might be an effect of Rense Radio’s audience as much as the show’s intent. Echo chambers do that, reinforcing trends and directions. Unlike Rense, or its successor platform, most of the other networks don’t charge hosts to air their shows, but change isn’t always comfortable or easy. While other podcasts and networks may have larger audiences, StormFront still has nearly universal name recognition, hard won through decades of stalwart struggle and hard work by Mr. Don Black and his assistants and volunteers. It’s very doubtful that many of the current podcast hosts in the Alt Right will have the stamina and dedication to remain in the struggle for their entire lifetimes, as he has done. That’s not a criticism of them, just my observation of human nature. Men like Mr. Black are exceedingly rare in our species, anywhere. Maybe one in ten million, if that.

The new StormFront Action radio show, once it has a chance to iron out its initial format and technical challenges, has the potential to reach a younger and more activist audience, as its name and formative intent implies. Whether it can find them in, or bring them to, a radio network largely populated by older paleoconservatives and conspiracy theorists, is a good question.

As for the StormFront forum itself, it remains a good source of news items and articles of interest to our people, and has the potential to be revitalized, despite (or perhaps because of) all of the debilitating legal and illegal attacks it has suffered of late. This is just my opinion, but again, as Alt Right message boards cuck left and Purity Spiraler boards plow right, StormFront could emerge as a broad, more mainstream moderate White Nationalist networking platform, if we make it happen. Then, like the new StormFront Action radio show, and last year’s StormFront Conference, and this year’s planned StormFront Conference, it could be focused on IRL activism, which the Alt Right largely eschews due to cowardice.


What do ya’ll think?