Corrupt Michigan State Police at Richard Spencer’s speaking engagement on Monday, March 5th, reenacted the conflict at Charlottesville last year by driving the roughly fifty patriots, largely Traditionalist Worker Party members, into six hundred Communist Antifa terrorists. Patriot Front and ShieldWall Phalanx were also well represented on the front lines! Though outnumbered more than ten to one, the Nationalists fought bravely and did not let a single Antifa through their lines still on their feet. Fists flew at Michigan State University as police not only failed to provide security, but once again purposefully herded the two sides together in order to force a confrontation. Notice how in the videos, the police tell the patriots to march up a street directly into the Antifa, and make no attempt to intervene or be between the two groups. 

One patriot was seriously injured with a ruptured eardrum and concussion, and others received minor injuries including scrapes and bruises. One Nationalist was arrested, as were several anti-White Communists. Dozens of Antifa were injured. At one point left wing terrorists attempted to run over patriots using their automobiles, but they were escorted out of their cars and thoroughly instructed in how impolite such actions are by the patriots, before being good-naturedly let go.

Spencer did get to enter the hall and give his speech, and all of the patriots then safely exited the premises. The conflict outside before the event was the true highlight of the day, however. The danger now is that more arrests may follow in days and weeks to come, as happened at Charlottesville, so I won’t mention the names of any of the heroes involved at this time.

With police obviously wanting to force a conflict and not provide security, but still trying to make arrests when the conflicts they force into inevitability occur, we are at that awkward phase just before true freedom of action exists. At that point, the police will be absent, and when the contending sides come together, neither will be hindered. At that point, the civil war will become full blown, and there will be no limitations on weapons or rules of engagement. The current police tactics, of trying to create fights and then arrest our front line fighters to lock them up in jail and ruin their lives or doxx them and drive them from the movement, are very stupid and short sighted. Such law enforcement tactics create, in essence, a hardened warrior class of White Nationalism with nothing left to lose who are then held up as heroes to inspire the next wave of emerging front line fighters by their examples.

The same thing happened before in the 1920’s, remember. The time is now short for these paid thugs of the anti-White establishment to think about what is coming, and what their fate will be if they have bet on the wrong horse.