by Billy Roper

There are differences within the right over optics, and religious faith, and organizational loyalties. Some of us fuss among ourselves about which economic and political systems we prefer, or where we think the successor White ethnostates will be, and how we will get them.

Fortunately, the radical left has handed us a golden opportunity for activism and unity which transcends many of those differences.

On March 24th, anti-gun hoplophobes will be holding protests against the second amendment across the country. At over 580 different locations, they will be working to disarm us in anticipation of the coming civil war which will free us from their totalitarian multiracialism.

Whether you are a Civic Nationalist, Southern Nationalist, White Nationalist, Alt Right, National Socialist, National Bolshevik, or other featherless biped to the right of Che Guevara, this is something we can all take part in. No matter what organization you support, I recommend that you go to the anti-second amendment organizing website HERE. Click on “March With Us” and “Sibling Marches” to locate the nearest protest to you on the map. Get your fellow area activists together. Just show up, stand up, and speak up.

We don’t need a permit to show up and exercise our first amendment rights to defend our second amendment rights. Gadsden flags and signs supporting the second amendment would be great optics: or use whichever flag you and your organization prefer, the point is to show up. By each of us doing our own simultaneous counter-protests in our own ways, we can reboot the idea of activism and unity within the movement. Traditionalist Worker Party, League of the South, Patriot Front, ShieldWall Network, American Vanguard, TDS Book Clubs, all should be able to take part. Instead of trying to tell each other how to dress and what flag to fly, do you and let the others do them, but let’s do it all on the same day in many different places at once: March 24th. Multiple Bill of Rights rallies, nationwide. Who’s with us?