by Paul Jones

It was a little depressing to read “White World Awake”, by the brilliant Swiss writer Jurgen Graf, and go over again the main points about the Holocaust narrative that I have read so many times, along with the reality of racial differences in average I.Q. between whites and Asians on the one hand, and blacks, Hispanics and other non-white races on the other.

Those of European descent in the United States and all over the West are slowly, but surely, being marched over the cliff like lemmings due to how much absolute control Z.O.G. has over the nearly totally brainwashed minds of whites in the world today.

The author sees matters pretty much as I do, that unless somehow the Holocaust story can be dismantled, especially as it relates to the supposed gas chambers built to exterminate Jews, we may be doomed to extinction. But this is very difficult to unravel since it’s so ingrained in our consciences and it is much more difficult to deal with than the idea of the supposed equality of racial intelligence, since here we are not dealing with History but with people of different racial backgrounds we can see in our daily lives.

So while I personally have been convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that the gas chambers did not exist as anything other than delousing stations, the same certainly can’t be said for the vast majority of other whites living in the world. Also, it seems that for the Christian Zionists it’s one of the pillars of their false theology, tied in with how the Lord rose up the United States to save “the apples of God’s eye” from persecution of the “evil Nazis” in W.W. II. After that, the task of the U.S. has been to be the principle sustainer and defender of the new nation of Israel established in 1948. For Christian Zionists, to even question any aspects of the “sacred” Holocaust is in and of itself anti-semitic and a sin.

We definitely have a long way to go before the “scales fall from the eyes” of enough individuals of European descent so that the real truths related with the Holocaust can become common knowledge-but it is imperative that this happen soon since our very survival as a race is at stake.