Here is an update on the ongoing status of publishing books from a pro-White perspective when you don’t have your own printing press and marketing firm. Amazon is fighting me over the new book ‘Ethnostate’ content, looking for an excuse to pull all of my books, I think. I have them published as second editions through Lulu, but fewer people will buy them from there due simply to name brand recognition and familiarity. Check this out: they are claiming that there is a publishing rights issue because some of the compendium articles in ‘Ethnostate’ were published for free on the internet previously, on my websites. Basically, their claim is that I can’t publish material for profit collectively that I’ve already published for free, separately.

They’ve been giving me hell for a while now: Antifa put many fake negative reviews on my books with one star ratings without reading them, just saying that I’m a racist, to drive the ratings down. Amazon fights me on removing them, and they’re regularly sending me complaints or removing Kindle editions of my books for having a typographical error which they themselves created because of their formatting, for example splitting a word in two. Just like trying to get our people to use a different social media platform, using a lesser known publisher and distributor would tank my book sales. I may not have a choice, though. Not enough of our people read books any more to support authors, really. It’s all about trying to spread the message, through both fiction and nonfiction. I don’t write nonracial books.

So, I put this question to my readers: Would you be willing to purchase my books as well from another publisher without big name recognition and flash? Because if you would, my previously published fourteen books are available in second editions through another publisher now, HERE.

Or, do you feel that I should cuck to Amazon and gut ‘Ethnostate’, removing the previously published article excerpts even if that makes it a shorter book, in order to get them to publish it and make it more widely accessible? For comparisons of the cover art and the relative prices, here are my books on Amazon. 

Those who are fine with e-books may purchase an e-book copy of ‘Ethnostate’ from me directly for $5 through paypal to, while I decide what to do about getting it in print. Available in Word or PDF format.

Thanks for your input