In a possible sign that they may be softening somewhat in their negotiations over the content in Billy Roper’s new book ‘Ethnostate’, an update on his 2015 classic prediction of the coming breakup of America ‘The Balk’, the reluctant publisher has agreed to remove some of the negative fake one star reviews, accompanied by ad hominem attacks against the author’s political views which have nothing to do with the quality of the books themselves (which the reviewers failed to actually read) , from ‘The Balk’ and from ‘Hasten the Day’, the first book in the ‘Hasten the Day’ trilogy of fictional novels about the inevitable racial civil war which will tear the United States apart. Although several equally fake negative reviews still remain which Antifa placed there in an attempt to attack Mr. Roper’s livelihood by making his books lower rated, these removals are a step forward, and return both books to a 4 out of 5 star review level, even with some fake one star reviews remaining. We consider that progress.

As far as ‘Ethnostate’ is concerned, negotiations continue, but eventual publication in print form through either Amazon or another publisher WILL happen. In the meantime, e-book editions of the new book in PDF format are available for $5 through paypal to Please include a return e-mail address. Thank you to all of Mr. Roper’s readers for your loyalty and support, now and always.

The ShieldWall Network