by Paul Jones

How is this post-World War II domination by Z.O.G. going to end? Apparently a small in number, tight knit and dedicated group can hold on to power even if they are exposed since their techniques of camouflage and psychological warfare have been so successful. But is this going to be the case if the United States and the West continue with their changing demographics so as to inevitably fall into Third World status as their populations become increasingly non-white?

Since the immense power and control of Z.O.G. does not exist to the extent it does in the U.S. and the West in the cases of Russia and Eastern European countries, does this mean that it could come down to Russia being the “Great White Hope” as far as the survival of whites at some point in the future?

Based on my study of various Racial Right thinkers, it seems that Francis Parker Yockey and later David Duke and a few others I can’t recall have seen this possibility. And surely various intellectual Jews have considered this as well, which is why they and their Neo-Con cohorts are so strongly anti-Putin. And furthermore, as a result of this, they are extremely worried that the Trump administration is not carrying out their key foreign policy objectives of reducing Russian power and influence in the world.

This means that the biggest source of foreign policy discord now is Trump’s interest in establishing better relations with Russia, a country that Z.O.G. and the Neo-Cons are trying to demonize. In the long run, could it be that Russia could turn out to be our “trump card” to be able to defeat Z.O.G.’s plans for the genocide of the European races of mankind?