Pictured: Northwest Arkansas Antifa Communist Martin Bemberg and his boyfriend.

Bentonville March For Our Lives Rally Attracts Competing Views

By: Peyton Yager


…All eyes were on a white nationalist group. 

“It’s the other side that hates the founding principles of our nation and the founding fathers, not me,” Coordinator for Shield Wall Network Billy Roper said. 

Billy Roper – who coordinated the effort — was once a high school teacher.

He says these students have it all wrong.

“One day these kids are going to wake up and realize how they have been manipulated and abused and used,” Roper said. “They are going to be very outraged by the leftists who have brain-washed them, so honestly, I feel sorry for these kids when they are awakened.”

Two Sides Of ‘March For Our Lives-Bentonville’

Channel 5 News

Seth Stephenson

Groups in opposition — ShieldWall Network and the Freedom Crew — wanted to be heard.  Some members told 5NEWS they did not think students were old enough to make a statement about gun control.

And, ShieldWall Network Coordinator Billy Roper talked about the Second Amendment, “…and basically to allow people who are at home and aren’t able to actually interact with the crowd and the audience to understand that there is more than one perspective to this issue.”

(link above contains video of another interview with Billy Roper)