Fresh from an astoundingly victorious Bill of Rights rally in Bentonville, Arkansas where he and his ShieldWall Network held a demonstration in support of the second amendment on March 24th, Billy describes how the event went down, and what constituted it as a success. But first, the sad news of the death of two notable leaders of our movement is shared, along with word of very ill health for another.

The most recent fallout from the Unite The Right rally is discussed, along with current details of the lawsuits, counter-suits, legal cases, and prosecutions, as well as the fracturing of the former TWP into different camps and a decision by the League of the South which could have long term ramifications for us all. The situations of the Charlottesville defendants are detailed, and then the contentious battle between TDS/TRS and the CivNats vs. WN and NS is parsed in the long view in regards to the desperation for a messiah savior leading us to too quickly elevate people to prominence on insufficient grounds. Billy wraps up this week’s show by offering a free e-book copy of his latest published book, ‘Ethnostate’, to the first fifty listeners who request it via e-mail to and agree to write an honest review of the book afterwards on

You can read the news articles and coverage of the Bill of Rights rally on, watch a full video of the event on, and find out more about The ShieldWall Network at

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