by The ShieldWall Network

Due to extenuating circumstances largely beyond their control, Jacob Goodwin’s parents have been left holding the bag for about $10,000 in legal defense fees (and rising daily), even after thousands have already been paid thanks to previous donations from generous supporters like you. The remainder was supposed to have been covered through the auspices of an organization which, without diving too deeply into the drama of the situation, simply no longer exists. Noone among their former members seems responsible for that promise, either. So, we once again must ask for your help, on Jacob’s behalf.

At the April 21st ShieldWall Network meeting in central Arkansas, Jacob Goodwin political prisoner t-shirts will be available for $20 each. Pictures of these shirts are attached. All proceeds will go directly to Jacob’s parents for his legal defense. Please have exact change with you if possible, and let us know what size you will need ahead of time if you can.

There also will be t-shirts saying “This shirt is 100% cotton, your momma picked it” available.

You can order these shirts through the mail, too. Specify size and type shirt, and include $20 plus $10 postage through check or money order made out to Goodwin, or well concealed cash, to his parents, Scott and Tamara Goodwin, at 13992 Libby Ln, Ward, AR 72176. You can also make donations for Jacob’s legal defense directly to his parents through that address.

Write to Jacob: Jacob Goodwin #634728, 160 Peregory Ln, Charlottesville, VA 22902.

Here is where you can put funds directly on to Jacob’s canteen account for his commissary food.

This is the Jacob Goodwin support page.