by Paul Jones

I’m beginning to think that one of the most prophetic books I’ve read over the past several decades is “This Time the World” by George Lincoln Rockwell.

What he was essentially saying, to the best of my ability to understand, is that it is inevitable that National Socialism will become the worldwide ideology which will allow the European races of mankind to survive. That’s certainly not the case at present, when the percentage for European man has dropped from about 20% of the world’s population in 1900 to what it is now, only about 5-6%. And if the under five year old cohort alone is taken into account, the percentage must be about 2-3%. If this isn’t a slow genocide, I don’t know what is!

If our “fellow whites,” the Jews who control almost completely the means of communication and culture generating aspects of present world civilization were truly on our side, then we would hear daily about the dire straits we’re in. But since little or nothing is even commented on regarding this issue by the Establishment, then the only conclusion is that the Jews are “all in” for the disappearance of the white people from the face of the earth.

Somehow or other we’ve got to wake up enough persons of European descent, wherever they may be, to what’s going on. To say the time is short is an understatement. We don’t even know at this point whether tomorrow will be too late.

Are you going to do your part, white man or woman, to sound the alarm as best you can, in your own way?