The Politicization of Western Acute Care Facilities:

From a registered nurse: Allied Health Care Professionals, Please Respond.

Here’s the video posted to YouTube:

This is mandatory video diversity training for Registered Nurses that ALL hospitals do, but I have never seen it this blatantly anti-White.
As a Registered Nurse, it is my job to advocate for all oppressed communities, especially when its not popular. I asked HR to educate staff to stop using the AntiWhite stereotype “white Privilege” on the floor, and was labeled as having racial animosity and fired by way of a work place violence restraining order. Hearsay only required. It’s law-fare, and I had to fold my lawsuit to get them to stop it.
 I can’t work with a RO on my record in healthcare and they know it. They are also allowing staff to harass innocent elderly sick people by mislabeling them racist if they ask for a White Dr or nurse because they have a cultural misunderstanding with non-white health care staff. They NEVER give non-Whites a hard time when they ask to be cared for by people who “look like them” or “speak their language”. It’s considered natural.
The hospital states it hires based on look. Does it fire based on look? I no longer am able to advocate for all patients because I am a white male in Cali. I might as well burn my license.
The White community is not allowed to form a community based on its White ID. White people have been denied community, and therefore citizenship. One must have a community to advocate to Gov as one of they are functionally not real citizens. The White community has become institutionalized, and this only receives Gov SERVICES. Gov services suck. Only a COMMUNITY can care. I care for my community.
Let’s reboot the white community and not take no for an answer. We must do the ONE thing that we are never allowed to do as White people. Organize.
Thank you, Sir! God Bless you.
Joe P.,  RN, BSN.


The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) changed their professional code of conduct for all Nurses and Midwives who wish to practice in the region last month. NMBA professional standards now require a White Nurse or Midwife make an “acknowledgement of White Privilege” because “Cultural safety is as important as clinical safety”.

Obviously, forcing an entire profession to acknowledge a racial stereotype as true is completely unethical (NAXALT), but this is the situation in which we find ourselves, lads. We must ask ourselves, how will the use of “White Privilege” play out “on the floor”, or IRL? What measurable effect will this new policy have on patient care and staff safety? And for some of the more “individualized” members of our White community, disinterested until it’s their ass on the line, what does this mean for the average White elderly Boomer?

The politicization of every aspect of modern Western life is offensive and unsettling for many people, White and non-white alike. From our news, to religion, and even now sports, we are told that racism in the form of “White Privilege” is a real threat to our societal health and wellbeing. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The real threat to our society, including our wonderful Western medical system, is in fact censorship, forced diversity, and White Community oppression.

Healthcare Human Resource/Management (HR), just like your average politician, has no idea how to manage multiculturalism fairly. Just as in society at large, White staff are all too often blamed when there is any issue due to multicultural miscommunications and cultural misunderstandings. Our political leaders can’t take responsibility when multiculturalism erupts in violence and confusion, and it’s the same way for hospital management. When a problem occurs, diversity and multiculturalism can never be the culprit, so it must be racist Whitey!

Because of their “progressive” ideology, hospital management cannot create a plan of action to address the problem. “Diverse” staff learn quickly that any time there is a conflict of interest, management will take their side over a non-protected class, i.e. a White person. Again, whites must always be blamed for all cultural misunderstandings by management just as in society. Any complaints of offense by White staff members regarding the use of the “White Privilege” trope is used against them by HR for speaking up. This is counted as proof of “racial animosity” to justify termination of the employee.

The use of the White privilege trope by anyone in the hospital setting is distracting and offensive to many customers and staff. Lack of clear boundaries, use of double standards and race and sex based favoritism does not a create a sustainable environment in the hospital, nor society. Conflict and mistakes are guaranteed. Further, when management does not intercede in the use of the trope by staff, a hostile work environment is created.

When in a disagreement, hostile “diverse” staff use the “White Privilege” trope in an attempt to get the upper hand in the argument. This passive aggressive attack on a White person’s identity by use of the “White Privilege” trope allows hostile staff to morally justify treating White people negatively. This is crucial to the function (or dysfunction) of the Acute Care system, and it does cause patient safety issues. White staff are given dangerous, unstable lines, because the progressive stack says so and its good for the staffing budget restrictions. No one cares that its unfair, because Whites have unearned privilege and deserve it. Of course Charge Rns and HR will never openly admit they are using the discriminatory progressive stack.. yet. They could be held accountable for many hospital deaths and injuries, as well as countless discrimination lawsuits.

Finally, the trope allows hostile staff and HR to effectively “silence” any White person who speaks out, especially White men. Even if the White man first states in writing that he feels threatened and offended by the racial slurs allowed by HR, he will then be accused of harboring racial animosity. HR will then “investigate” meaning ask around the unit and gather gossip and see if he has any enemies. All they need is one female staff member who states she “feels threatened” by a White man advocating for their self-interest. HR can then fire the White staff member with a Work Place Violence Restraining Order (RO), even while admitting they have no proof or evidence of violent behavior. Here say only required.

This is used as lawfare by HR and other hostile staff, as the White healthcare worker is unable to get another job because ROs are civil and CRIMINAL at the same time (background checks). Addressing the RO is costly and time consuming for the staff member, and Unions can only dispute the termination. They will not take sides between two staff members. The staff member terminated unfairly will be forced to direct what little money they have into staying alive with no income and defending against the RO charge. Regardless of how moral and determined the employee, they will likely fold to protect their license, because they have no choice.

Professional White health care staff now face at work the same anarcho-tyrannical system they face in society at large. Although the “White Privilege” trope is not an official protocol in many hospitals in the U.S. today, it is unofficially accepted and supported throughout many facilities. The entire health care system in the West is complicit in this mess. Ask a RN about the “wonderful” Hispanic community in a diverse liberal city today, note how great that is for their individual health and wellness, and then ask “sooo..where is the White community?”.

Watch their eyes drop in shame and their foot begin to fidget. Put them on the spot. Ask them what they can do to advocate for your OPPRESSED White community, as were not even allowed to form one without fear to our health and wellness. Ask them to help you and your people form a local white community meet, ask the hospital to provide a peaceful safe space as they do all other communities to foster this goal. Simply put, It is the professional duty of all Allied Health care providers to advocate for oppressed communities, regardless of popularity. Hold them to account.

The real harm from the “White privilege” trope comes from dehumanizing Whites in the eyes of non-Whites. This allows morally unacceptable behavior to be justified against Whites, sometimes by other White people. Many White people, including White health care employees come to believe the lie, that they are not deserving of advocacy nor community support because they are white. They will then step over the line from not caring for their selves to not caring for their White patients the same way they do non-whites because of their bigoted ideology. Any health care professional that uses the White Privilege trope freely should have their license revoked. Either they are too stupid to critically think effectively, or they are intellectually and morally unethical.

Acute Care Facilities can be very stressful and demanding to work, even when the staff are not divided along racial, cultural and political lines. Further, staff count on each other for help when busy every day. Effective team work and strong communication saves lives in the hospital. Dividing staff using Marxist Identity politics is causing almost constant strife and miscommunication among staff, management, and customers. It causes confusion, mistakes, injury and death. There is absolutely no good reason to allow Identity Politics in our health care system. Further, Western health care professionals are quickly losing the ability to advocate for certain populations in the community they serve because they are White. This is not stable in a multicultural society, and no good can come of this.

Health care management, especially Acute Care Facilities must make a conscious effort to remain politically neutral and discourage the use of radical Identity Politics by staff, management and patients alike. This is not occurring. The health care system in the West is under attack by the same “Progressive” radicalization that we have seen infect almost all aspects of our lives from sports to religion.  Further, Boomers must realize that their wonderful benefits are under attack by way of decreasing quality of care.

We need all hands-on deck to advocate for an end to forced diversity and quotas in healthcare and speak up to politicians, including White Allies. It doesn’t matter how you identify, normie. Identity is “negotiated”. Anyone who a progressive chooses to label (or mislabel) as White could be affected by this issue. The sons of evil slavers who robbed Wakanda of their Vibranium for 400 years must pay a dear price in the form of poor quality health care from antiwhite staff with true racial animosity. There are some fates worse than death, and being neglected, mistreated, or even abused because of my beautiful European heritage is one of them.

Last, all health care professionals must speak out against antiwhite double standards, White racial discrimination, as well as raise awareness of ever worsening health disparities that plague the White community today. They are professionally obligated to advocate for all oppressed communities, and they don’t get to decide who is oppressed. Call them out. Make them do their job. Question their ethics if they do not comply.