Recently, The Roper Report had an opportunity to catch up with Patrick Chouinard, the author of ‘Bloodline of the gods’. Our readers were curious about his background. We asked Patrick to tell them more about himself:
My life has been focused on National Socialism and serving the White race ever since I was 14 years old.  It was at age 14 that I first read and understood Mein Kampf, and began researching not only the Third Reich but also the movement.  I also began writing at age 14, and I wrote two books, one on Germanic Myths and Legends and the other Human genetics and race. At 16 I was expelled from High School for trying to recruit followers to National Socialism and thus antagonizing the black and Hispanic students which comprised the dominant population. At 17 I returned to school and graduated 1 year later. At 18 I joined the National Alliance and was also involved as a recruiter for Liberty Lobby and the Populist Party based out of Washington D.C. I also participated in United We Stand America and later the Reform Party in support of Ross Perot. Prior to backing Perot, I promoted David Duke’s short  term presidential election. From 1998 – 2010 I was the producer and host of a Race & Reason style public access TV program which dominated the Suncoast Access awards winning 5 awards and 14 nominations over a four year period. My first two books Forgotten Worlds: From Atlantis to the X-Woman of Siberia and Hobbits of Flores and Lost Race of the Giants were not openly pro white in their perspective, but it definitely was implicitly pro white, even though my publisher tried to tone it down as much as possible. My third book The Secret History of Christmas which was published by the Barnes Review in 2016 definitely reflects a pro white point of view.
That’s quite a track record.  Your previous books can be found here on Amazon, by the way. Tell us about this new book of yours!
My new book Bloodline of the Gods: Rediscovering our Aryan Past is explicitly pro white and National Socialist. It offers a revisionist approach to white history and sets out to prove that the origin of our race is one of profound antiquity, and that we evolved separately from all other races of the earth.   It demonstrates in detail that all culture flows from the white race, and that we as the bloodline of the gods form the basis of the myths and legends of superior godlike beings such as the Anunnaki and that the stories found in Africa, the Americas, the Pacific and Asia of sun-gods and light-skinned beings who gave them the rudiments of civilizations are based on ancient Aryan visitations.  I also touch upon legends of giants and the esoteric beliefs of ancient white peoples.
We’re glad to hear that some more wind is being taken out of the deflated sails of the Out of Africa theory. So, what was your motivation in writing this particular book on this controversial subject matter? 
I wanted to write this book, because the establishment has been robbing us of our true heritage. The Jews and their lackeys are erasing our history, and thus our identity and any true chance of winning the battle against white genocide.  I felt that by publishing books aimed at recapturing the ancient knowledge of our forgotten ancestors, I will be creating the foundations of not only a spiritual and culture revival of sorts, but also lay the basis of a new religion, one that is restored and revitalized not created whole-cloth as many prowhite religions are.
Well, your new book is already being read in e-book form, and should be available on smashwords and other outlets soon. While it’s being published, do you have any plans for your next literary project? 
My next writing project will be about the SS-Ahnenerbe or Ancestral Heritage Society and the German effort to restore our past.  Most writers on this subject portray the archaeologists during the Third Reich as poorly disciplined pseudo-scientists who were just trying to find justification for the so-called holocaust. On the contrary, NS archaeologists were generations ahead of their contemporaries in other nations. It was Heinrich Himmler’s intention to not only enhance the pride of Germany and the Aryan race but also to restore the truth, the real story of our forefathers. That is a story which is not being told, but one I think should be presented.
We’ll look forward to that. In closing, for potential readers of your books, what audience would you say your subject matter is aimed at? 
My audience is the pro white market. I feel that the pro white movement needs cultural and spiritual guidance as its it is the vanguard of our true salvation.
Alright, Patrick, thank you for your time, and good luck with your book!