by Paul Jones

In one of his short political essays written after the end of W.W. II, Francis Parker Yockey wrote an insightful yet shocking remark in which he basically stated that for the sake of the survival of Western Man it would be better that communism triumph over capitalism during the Cold War.

Time has proved him right because the kind of control that Z.O.G. has been exercising over the United States and the West is much more insidious and dangerous than the type of blunt, “in your face” type of totalitarian system exercised in the satellite nations of Eastern Europe by the Soviet Union before its collapse in the late 1980’s.

While not the obvious and open control exercised by a one party, communist government, we also have a one party control. But it takes place under the subtle hand of Z.O.G., and  instead of an ideology based on the triumph of the noble working class over the bourgeoisie, we have one based on the triumph of the victimized non-whites over the “evil” whites thanks to Jewish manipulation of the culture and society.

Just as in the Soviet Union under Lenin in its initial stages, when the Jews made up the ruling elite of the Communist Party following the Russian Revolution, in the United States and the West nothing is done without the stamp of approval of the present-day, Jewish ruling elite. If what the great British poet T.S. Eliot said is true, that “the cultural battle is the political battle at its deepest level,” then the battle has definitely been won by the Jews. In fact, if one reads the collection of articles commissioned by Henry Ford in “The Dearborn Independent,” “The International Jew-the World’s Foremost Problem,” the Jewish control of the United States was already a reality by the early 1920’s.

However, the generation living at that time failed to heed the warning, in large part due to the fact that, as brought out by the writers of those articles, such control allowed this information to be suppressed and its spokespersons quarantined.

So here we are, almost a hundred years later, with only a few decades left until the end game of White Genocide finally reaches fruition, or at least our reduction to the miserable status of the whites still living in South Africa. Without overstating it, our generation has one of the greatest challenges that has ever been faced by persons of European descent.