by Tom Kawczynski

The progenitor of the New Albion ethnostate idea for a White homeland in the Northeast expands his philosophical horizons to express a broader vision of the American people’s future. But first, he reminds us of how we got lost along the way…or were we, in fact, purposefully led astray?

Listen to any professor or read any history book published by the mainstream media, and you will be told a story about an unjust America and how we are now building a better and more prosperous society.

But what if the story they tell isn’t the truth, but instead a warped interpretation of our recent history? What if the real story is about a good and decent nation which has been undermined at every opportunity by those with a radical communist agenda to remake this nation through guilt, intimidation, coercion, and censorship?

Starting at the turn of the last century, this book lays out systematically how Americans have lost control of our government, of our civil society, of our schools, of our companies, and in many cases, even our families.
This was no accident. This is the story those people who write the agenda do not want you to know, do not want you to share, and do not want you to read. This is the hidden history of America.

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