by Billy Roper

In a stark demonstration of just how liberal and degenerate the Pacific Northwest coastal area is, a brave feline has sacrificed all nine of its lives at once in order to discourage a pair of transsexual Jewish faggot activists from committing buggery in the woods there.

One of the tranny kikes on bikes seems to have learned his lesson and will definitely not be returning to the forested region north of Seattle ever again, and its partner may think twice, as well. Sadly, the courageous cat was killed rather than being rewarded with a hundred pounds of ground chuck and a medal, as it should have been. Having already secured its dinner to regain the weight the furry fascist was reportedly missing, nature’s moral law enforcer might have been allowed to finish its meal, at least, unless the wildlife officers feared that it may have contracted HIV during the encounter. I’m not even a cat person, though I live with a few because my wife is, but this tragedy still makes me very sad.

Here is the story which tells a discerning reader all they need to know about the encounter, as well as the two transsexual Jews, clearly identified as such by their descriptions, names, and biographical sketches. 

If there is a Heaven or Valhalla for animals, they just gained themselves a brave cougar.