Billy tells his listeners to “Kill Back” the enemies of our race who want to doxx us to death by doxxing them right back, ruthlessly and relentlessly, with no more mercy than they show to victims like Andrew Dodson.*

His endorsement of a challenger against the establishment gubernatorial candidate created a lot of drama in the campaign, but didn’t lead to the outsider disavowing him, despite washed up former black talk show host Montel Williams weighing in and declaring that Billy could bring the challenger enough White racist votes to win the governorship. Also on tap: the Santa Fe High School shooting in Texas, Matt Heimbach’s jail sentence, and other protest campaigns, including Rick Tyler’s and Patrick Little’s.

A coming live call-in radio show to discuss the rise of the Balk Right and the future White ethnostates which will emerge in post-balkanization America is promoted, along with future ShieldWall Network events over the next month.

*This podcast is a general discussion of certain aspects of human and political dynamics, it does not advocate, pledge,or incite any individual or group to commit any unlawful acts against anyone.