by Paul Jones

I read with a great deal of dismay recently information about deaths of high school and under-educated white persons which have now reached levels 30% higher than rates of blacks and Hispanics, whereas a few decades before the percentages were reversed. It didn’t mention to what extent Opoids are involved, but this must factor in high as far as one of the direct causes of death. However, the main question is to try to find out why there is a higher degree of drug usage of one kind or another among whites that leads to premature deaths.

This makes me think that something is going on in the Jungian tribal unconscious of whites that must have been similar to the case of Native Americans in the 19thCentury when they realized that they’d been defeated by the whites, were being driven onto reservations, and so many of them turned to alcoholism to try and escape from the bitter reality of what was going on. Their tribal memories went back to their ancestors and the greatness of their past before the coming of the whites to their lands and, when contrasted with the realities of the time when they lived, produced angst and frustration that found its release in the main popular drug of the time, alcohol.

This concept of the collective unconscious was developed by Carl Gustav Jung, son of a Protestant minister born in 1875 in Switzerland. The following quote from him describes his idea of a tribal memory that all of us are supposed to have:

“The collective unconscious consists of the sum of the instincts and their correlates, the archetypes. Just as everybody possesses instincts, so he also possesses a stock of archetypal images.”

In the present situation, most whites don’t realize that it’s been Z.O.G. which has been orchestrating their demise as a people and and why our civilization at present is in such stark contrast to the greatness our ancestors achieved, much of this within recent memory until the end of W.W. II, the war that permitted Jews to achieve hegemony over most of the world.  But when they try to pinpoint the cause of the disaster the United States has become and how they’re slowly, but surely disappearing as a racial group, they’re mostly blaming the wrong people-either the non-white minorities alone, Radical Islamic terrorism or what-have-you, but very few have Z.O.G. in their sights. This is especially the case with Christian Zionists, who are a high percentage of white Christians, and due to belief in Jews as “God’s walking miracles” are unable to see reality in an objective way. So in some ways we’re even worse off than were the Native Americans back in the 1800’s. At least they knew that it was the wave after wave of Europeans arriving on the shores of America who had been the cause of their predicament and so even though they got organized and mobilized too late, with insufficient weapon power, they at least were targeting the right group of people.

In our case, if the whites who still remain a force to be reckoned with could be effectively mobilized to confront a common enemy maybe we could take back our country, or at least establish white ethno-states given the present demographic and geographic realities. The sooner the “scales fall from our eyes” the better since our numbers continue to drop with each passing day.