by Steve Smithers

Obese negress Stacey Abrams won the Democratic Party nomination for governor of Georgia in the primary election held Tuesday MAY 22, 2018.  History was made as she is the first black woman to win a major party’s nomination for governor.  As America degenerates under jewish control away from its First World status, what someone is counts far more than their capabilities or character in such matters as politics.  Being black and a woman gave Stacey Abrams two obvious diversity category preferences.  Leftist media is overjoyed at the possibility of a state governor being as far from White and male as possible.  Given America’s history, one can rightly view that as being as far as possible from traditional, wholesome, prosperous, and just.  Indeed all of the history of lands under black rule shows us the antithesis of civilization.

Originally the term “Black Belt” as it referred to part of the Deep South meant a region of rich black soil that is good for farming.  The term has since come to denote the concentration of negro population across the South.  That concentration is increasing as “The New Great Migration” is a term that means the migration back to the South by blacks.

Given that blackening of states in the southeastern US, it is to be expected that the blacks will want their own kind representing them in government.  If not Stacey Abrams this time, then soon some other negro in the black republic that Georgia is becoming.  Then more and more negroes in public office as Georgia participates in the Balkanization of the Black Belt into the Republic of New Afrika (their spelling).

Whites still living in the Black Belt and especially Georgia should heed the dire warning of their gut instinct that’s telling them to get out.  There is no future for White people in a black dominated area. We have the recent examples from former White dominated societies in Africa to show us what happens to Whites under the rule of the savage blacks who inherently hate us.  Brutal murders, massive thefts, and the complete collapse of civilization await those who remain.  Leave now while you can to live among your own kind.  Whites will regroup in their own Balkanized regions to form strong ethnostates where we can secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.