“…though comrades fall, shot down by leftists or Reaction…”

So ring the very true words of the Horst Wessel Lied, describing how the vanguard of a movement comes under attack not only from the enemy in front, but from the enemy behind, as well.

Over the last week, attacks on The ShieldWall Network website and the Billy Roper Youtube channel have increased. Some of those attacks are most likely from Antifa and one particular Jewish reporter, based on the nature of the false complaints filed. Others, seeking to have revealing information about the degeneracy of certain e-celebs in the Alt Right buried, focus on having the Youtube channel taken down.

(((Someone))) has falsely complained to my website host claiming that I published private and personal information about  Jacob Rosenberg, the Jew who doxxed Andrew Dodson, and used language which was perceived as threatening and an incitement to violence.

They removed the article. I’m appealing. In the meantime, here it is.

A photographer for Stern magazine, a German weekly, wants to fly to Arkansas to make portraits of me for an upcoming article they’re doing on U.S. WN groups being deplatformed from social media and websites. If WordPress denies my appeal, I’ll make them internationally infamous as censors. See how that helps their market share.

If WordPress decides to shut down both The Roper Report website as well as The ShieldWall Network website, no worries, you can still find all of the articles from both websites, as well as current and future content, HERE.

I’m not removing anything. I recommend if you want to listen to any of my podcasts on Youtube, you do so now. The current state of the movement is such that I’m not sure whether it is Alt Right impurity spiralers or Antifa or one particular Jew, but they’re coming at me hard, getting Youtube strikes against me on podcasts from way back. Strike 2, unable to post new podcasts for 2 weeks. Strike three means I will be out.

Here is an alternate Youtube channel my subscribers can follow if, as anticipated, the Billy Roper Youtube channel is Shoah’ed. You’ll find them there in the future, perhaps, as well as on Audiomack here. 

Remember that our enemies want our entire race to be extinct. They want to kill us all, and have our grandchildren be faggots or mullatos…or they want to import nonWhites into our White ethnostate for breeding purposes, or as prostitutes. We have to expect that, on the way to a final reckoning with them, we’ll lose a few Youtube channels and blogs along the way to racial extinction or complete vindication.

Social media platforms, websites, and other internet outlets are all just cavalry mounts we consider expendable in our headlong charge towards victory. Full speed ahead.