Pictured: This is what the Diversity Fest looked like BEFORE the thunderstorm hit it.

Pastor Thomas Robb, the preeminent moral leader of the Harrison, Arkansas, area, was the only religious shepherd  in the county to publicly take a stand against a drag queen competition and gay pride parade scheduled for the third year in a row in Harrison, Arkansas. Those who attend other churches in the area should be ashamed of their congregations for not speaking up for God’s law against the Sodomites. Pastor Robb’s Knights Party planned a Rally for Morality in response to the open faggotry The Christian Revival Center produced an inspirational video encouraging supporters to attend.  They had no trouble finding allies and friends willing to stand beside them when they reached out to The ShieldWall Network.

Our victory began days before the event, when ShieldWall Network affiliates noticed that the “Summer Lip Sync Competition” scheduled for the weekend of  the Gay Pride parade and bulldyke bellowing  had the exact same charity benefactor listed as an attempted political shield. Looking into it closer, we discovered that three known Antifa supporters: Lacey Vanderpool, Drew McCormick, and Dillon Sweeten, all of whom have been doxxed by the ShieldWall last year when they tried and failed to found a John Brown Gun Club / Redneck Revolt Antifa organization in the area, were publicly listed as sponsors of the Lip Sync  show at the Lyric Theater in downtown Harrison.

The John Brown Gun Club / Redneck Revolt repeatedly punked out, failed to show up at their own scheduled public rallies, failed to show up to “shut us down” as they had threatened at our events, and ultimately deleted their social media presence and have remained very quiet for over a year. This was a direct effect of the ShieldWall doxxing them and their supporters and taking to the streets to face them down and unmask them.  With this drag queen competition, they were attempting to “come out” in public again.

After Antifa and other homosexual activists flooded the comments section of The Roper Report’s article exposing the connection between Antifa and the Gay Pride parade, only to be embarrassed by the further revelation of their connections to pedophiles, it became obvious that we had struck a nerve. They were fully triggered, 210 comments in, when they threatened “to take 100 Nazi scalps” at the protest. In reality, what happened is that the homosexuals and Antifa held an impromptu drag queen show the night before the Gay Pride parade at the Lyric Theater, despite their attempted denial that that was what is would be, with less than twenty faggots attending.

The ShieldWall Network, accurately predicting that Antifa would be a no-show once more for the rally, chose to divide our forces into three separate events, all on the same day. Some of our Arkansas Phalanx members went to the Pro 2nd amendment rally at the state capitol in Little Rock to recruit there on the 2nd, while others stood with ShieldWall Network Coordinator Billy Roper in Harrison, and still others attended a Tennessee Sovereignty rally in the Volunteer State to support our allies in that region. As always, we follow the advice of Napoleon and Gen. George Patton, both of whom who suggested “L’audace, l’audace, toujours l’audace.” This was the first time that any pro-White organization had attempted a trifecta, or three events in different places in one day, since White Revolution carried out three separate anti-immigration rallies on the same day over a decade ago, and even then all three rallies consisted of primarily the same attendees, in contrast to today’s events.


As expected, the gutless cowards in the John Brown Gun Club /Redneck Revolt, who had threatened online to take 100 Nazi scalps during the Rally for Morality, punked out and were too scared to show up, again. Or, if they did, they were dressed as RuPaul instead of as ninjas, and didn’t have much to say to any of us in The ShieldWall Network, the League of the South, or The Knights Party who stood up for the community in support of traditional moral values against the Sodomites. Not even when we left the sidewalk alongside the parade route and walked into the road, right up in their faces as they begged us to step back so they could parade. Pictures and video of the rally, including a video interview of  Billy Roper made at the event, The Knights Party AltRightTV.com coverage, and local newspaper stories will be coming soon to The Roper Report as they are made available.

A couple of known Antifa, one a brain dead, gibmedats nigger and the other an over the hill Communist with an actual Wobblie flag, were identified in the crowd of 50 faggots, along with the children they had drug along to strip down for the slip and slide and force to play cornhole and have their faces painted. A queer group of old gay warblers from Springfield, Missouri sang a few songs, then a left wing also-ran Congressional candidate pandered to the crowd of tens for five minutes, before the whole disorganized event slid into chaos. That’s all they had. Apparently their scheduled bulldyke singer got stranded at the hairport. They just played random music from the P.A. system while a handful of local evangelical Christians descended into the park to try to witness to the faggots. God himself ended that fiasco two hours after the much smaller than last year “fest” began, by hurling thunder, lightning, driving rain, and hail onto the whole affair. As always, He had the final word.

While the faggots were pelted by storms and hail, the Rally for Morality attendees adjourned to the Christian Revival Center for shared food and fellowship, and to plan our next cooperative venture, coming soon.

We had a very successful Rally For Morality, networking with dozens of like-minded people and gaining new members from supporters in the community, as well as from throughout the state. Police presence was much lighter this year than last, and there were far fewer faggots and supporters parading and standing around in the park than in previous episodes, too. Noone on our side was arrested, and not a single Nazi scalp was taken. Although it was a warm day, it wasn’t as hot as the fires of Hell which await the faggots. There, there will be no rain to quench them, and no laws of man to protect them from the laws of God.