by Steve Smithers

Fox 16 News reported that the Glenwood United Methodist Church was driven to delete its Facebook account due to public outcry for posting that parents should keep their children away from Magic Springs on Saturday June 30, 2018 because of an LGBT event at the park then.  Central Arkansas Pride is the group that is holding the event in which perverts will celebrate their sexual deviancy.  Magic Springs issued a public statement that they “welcome all groups” according to the newscast.  Despite that, I seriously doubt that they’d welcome Nazis or even White Nationalists.  It was correctly pointed out by The ShieldWall Network when homosexuals and Antifa held a Gay Pride parade and related events in Harrison, Arkansas the first weekend of June that homosexuals have a history of molesting children.  Homosexuals cannot produce children through the unnatural sex in which they engage, so they increase their numbers by corrupting children through molestation.  That is a very valid reason for keeping children away from unwholesome influences such as LGBT events.

In related news, Target stores are now openly aiding homosexual pedophiles in recruiting children as a part of its corporate policy, leading many Christians to boycott its stores, as well. Target and Magic Springs cannot remain afloat financially through the spending capital of homosexuals, they require the complicity of collaborators to do so. Remove that complicity, or remove the collaborators, and the enemies of our God and His people will quickly understand that there is a price to be paid on their end, as well.