by Billy Roper

After speaking to the TN State Parks police and hearing on the subject from Rick Tyler, the conference organizer, on this morning’s StormFront Action radio program, I called the Montgomery Bell state park directly and spoke with Eric Wright, the park manager. According to Mr. Wright, Montgomery Bell state park has been granted a waiver by the Tennessee state attorney general’s office to prohibit all firearms from the park for the weekend. There will be two checkpoints, one when people first enter the park where we announce that we are there to attend the conference, and a second at the door to the conference center and hotel where we will be wanded and go through a metal detector. No weapons of any kind will be allowed. Luggage may be subject to search. Vehicles probably will not be, but may be “if circumstances require”.  These extended security measures will continue throughout the weekend.

Antifa will also be searched upon entering the park, and may be individually photographed by law enforcement, and will not be allowed to have masks or bags/backpacks in the park.

The rules for engagement with Antifa for the weekend are quite simple: do not engage. Let them stand around outside sweating in their rubber boot hats and skinny jeans out of earshot while we sit inside in air conditioned comfort, in much better company.