KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – A white nationalist group says it will protest Knoxville’s Pridefest.

According to an event posted on Facebook, the Tennessee League of the South and the Shield Wall Network, plus what’s described as a host of other nationalist organizations, are planning to protest.

From ‘Back Room Knox’

Protests Brewing for Pride Fest.
Gay Pride vs White Pride

The Question Is: How Big Will The Protests Be, and will it put a sour note on the PrideFest?

“We’re here. We’re queer. We fight the KKK”
[The chants we have heard on Market Square by Black Bloc Antifa, fully masked with weapons and mace, see previous video]

“The League of the South, ShieldWall Network, Nationalist Initiative, and several other groups are planning on protesting the Knoxville pride parade on the 23rd. Some of them will be protesting the parade, and some others will be waiting at the coliseum to protest.

We will be going to protest in a peaceful manner, but will defend ourselves if attacked (we expect antifa to be there). KPD and city officials have been notified. ”

We have contacted Antifa, but have yet to receive a reply. If they send one, we will put it in the main post.

Will this be another clash of Antifa vs White Nationalists?

Antifa has been labeled a domestic terrorist organization by the FBI/DHS and the white nationalists have been labeled a hate group by the SPLC.

The SPLC labels one group in Knoxville as a hate group: The Varangians Fight Club.

It’s possible that Knoxville could see Charlotsville type numbers of protesters/anti-protestors.

The white nationalists will be far outnumbered. There will be no doubt in that. And Antifa will NOT be able to wear masks, so both groups have a disadvantage.

Because there will be so many people NOT protesting, law enforcement will have a difficult time controlling these two groups, within the large and spread out celebratory crowd.