by Billy Roper

After Tom Kawczynski’s speech was mine, then Jason Kessler’s. We have a break now before the banquet and Dr. David Duke’s speech. Here is a pretty close transcript of the speech I just gave to the Nationalist Solutions conference.

“It’s truly a pleasure to spend this time with all of you and to have a few minutes to express my gratitude. You see, it still is humbling beyond words for me each time I visit the American Freedom Party website and find, in that bottom right hand corner, my little novel ‘Hasten The Day’ listed alongside far more serious and worthy books by Dr. MacDonald, Dr. Sunic, and Dr. Krieg. I’m flattered to even be mentioned in the same breath as you, gentlemen, and to be in the same room.

In 2012, when I suspended my own Presidential campaign, we gave my endorsement to the candidate for the American Freedom Party, whom I had met and discussed our shared vision with when he visited my state, and to Dr. Abernethy. Like all of you, I feel it’s an honor to learn from so many intellectual giants who, even had they not a single political bone in their body, could have been leaders of any industry they chose, and would have been recognized as without peer in any field of endeavor. I certainly wish that I might have had professors such as these to guide me when I was in grad school, it would have absolutely saved me some time in becoming fully aware of the nature of the challenges our people face. In fact, I know you agree with me when I say that any future White “ethnostate”, a term I used as the title of my newest book, would be fortunate indeed to have this braintrust at its helm.

The following year I had the privilege of spending a week with Dr. Sunic as as well as Rachel Pendergraft and Pastor Thomas Robb at the Soldiers of the Cross Training Institute, where we presented lectures and seminars on the subject of the potential balkanization of America, my particular area of research focus. Then in 2015 I was interviewed by the AFP about my support for your 2016 Presidential candidate, the late great Bob Whitaker, a friend and patriot for our people whom we all miss.

My current role as a blogger, author, podcaster of The Roper Report, and political activist is primarily to encourage people in my ShieldWall Network to become persons of influence in their communities through civic-minded grassroots participation and local activism. We are, to not put too fine a point on it, White Nationalist preppers.

Back in 1994, Dr. Brent Nelson of the Council of Conservative Citizens wrote a groundbreaking book called ‘America Balkanized, Immigration’s Challenge to Government’. I attended Dr. Nelson’s state CCC meetings and was honored to speak at one about my Master’s Thesis project ‘PaleoAmerican Ethnic Diversity’, and it was through his book and my subsequent conversations with Dr. Nelson that I began to study the issue of balkanization, myself.

Since then, what we have documented is that voluntary migrations of racial groups voting with their feet are rapidly resegregating large areas of the currently United States. Through census data and demographic statistics we have determined that several relatively homogeneous ethnostates are forming, largely as a result of Hispanic immigration, black internal migrations, and White flight on a regional level from both. Extrapolations of these trends lead us to believe that the balkanization of America is inevitable. Those of us who embrace the projected future of ethnostates are now known as The Balk Right.

Within the Balk Right we have authors and activists from every corner of the country, and from across the broad spectrum of our movement. The one thing we all share is a vision of our people’s future which includes homogeneity and self-governance.

This idea of coming balkanization isn’t something which we have to sell to you, it sells itself because it is happening already, as I speak. America becomes more and more polarized every day as ideological divisions deepen and ethnic fissures widen. Whether anyone likes it or not, as the irish poet Yeats said, “things fall apart, the centre cannot hold”. In fact, anything OTHER than preparing for the balkanization and emergence of ethnostates is an exercise in futility, swimming upstream against the currents of demographic trends.
Public schools are more segregated now than they were forty years ago despite all the Federal government’s efforts because people are moving to places where they are the majority, and those racial enclaves are coalescing into larger blocks of territory, united as refugees from diversity, and forming the seedbeds of ethnostates just as happened in the former Yugoslavia in the 1990s.

A little less than a year ago, just after Charlottesville, a Washington Post/ABC poll found that 9% of Americans support “Neo-Nazi” or “White Supremacist” views, even when forced to answer that question point blank and even when responding to those purposeful pejoratives. That would equal roughly 13% of the White population, which is over four times the percentage of American colonists who are said to have wanted independence from Great Britain prior to the first American revolution. In terms of numbers, that’s about twenty-two million of our people. Over three times the current population of Tennessee.

Earlier this month an openly White Nationalist and National Socialist candidate for U.S. Senate, Patrick Little, despite being disavowed by his own party and called everything but a White man by the controlled media, won over 55,000 votes by people who obviously knew exactly what they were voting for, and not in Tennessee, or in Arkansas, but in California. We don’t have enough numbers to vote our way out, but we do have enough to win. That’s because all we have to do is ride the tide that’s coming in to balkanize.

But, the message I bring to you this weekend is one of a continued need for leadership. Our people so desperately need your examples of forthright courage. They need your guidance. They need your wisdom. They need to understand that all of us, whether farmers or factory workers or academics, share the same plight, as the same people. You are their natural aristocracy, in a Platonic sense. If they languish without your direction, we all share the same fate, ultimately.

I wish to thank each and every one of you, speakers, conference organizers, and attendees, for serving as leaders of our people, for standing up and speaking up, right there on the front lines, as the vanguard of our folk. You all deserve our respect and admiration for serving as that radical flank effect which continually shifts the Hegelian dialectic rightwards, and drags the Overton Window of accepted discourse, kicking and screaming, right along with it. Your positive examples create more wiggle room just to your left for others to say very similar things in an only slightly more moderate tone which then seem more comparatively mainstream precisely because of the rhetorical trails you have blazed before them.

I do not take any undue joy in my assessment that when it comes to multiracial democracy, Nietzsche was correct; “What cannot fly, must fall”. I have no illusions that the road before us will be smooth or the transition to regaining control over our destiny as a people once again, easy. However, as both a man of faith and a student of anthropology I am convinced that we will win. In fact, I believe that when we remember who we are, that victory will be inevitable. When that day comes, I hope that we can rely on each and every one of you to help lead our people into their bright future together. As I like to say, ‘Hasten The Day’! And until that day, Hail Victory!”