Pictured: TFW our side is more diverse than theirs.

by Billy Roper

The ShieldWall Network would like to extend our gratitude not only to the League of the South and the National Socialist Movement, but also to the Black Israelites and the two mainstream (non-racial) churches who stood with the SWN as allies at Saturday’s protest against the LGBTQP Pridefest in Knoxville, Tennessee. A full report on the event will be included in this week’s The Roper Report podcast, but in a nutshell when the SWN and their White Nationalist allies in the LS and NSM arrived at their chosen protest spot (rather than submitting to the previous police demands that they confine themselves to a distant ‘free speech pen’ metal enclosure), they were approached by a local church congregation. The Christians, also there to oppose the militant homosexual and pedophile agenda, were told in a straightforward manner what the political views of the pro-White alliance were, but still asked to stand with them against the Sodomites. A few minutes later, members of another area church congregation showed up and likewise were incorporated into the group of protesters.

Most surprising, however, were the Black Israelite attendees, who held a conversation with ShieldWall representatives before deciding to ally with them against the faggot parade.  Chris Irwin, a wealthy establishment supporting, government employed lawyer who promotes homosexuality, and his fellow Antifa gay enablers were greatly triggered by this diverse alliance against degeneracy, and had no idea how to react. The Black Israelites were quite vocal in their opposition to both the Antifa and the Sodomites the Communists were there to defend.

SWN representatives gave several interviews to the controlled media, and accomplished a great deal of constructive networking, both at the event and afterwards at the celebratory barbecue. Following the parade, which drew less than a third of the number of queers expected, Antifa attempted to gang up on and attack one lone Christian protester as they were all leaving. Unfortunately for them, the ShieldWall Network, League of the South, and National Socialist Movement alliance was nearby. They heard the Antifa yell “There goes one by himself, get him!”, and gave chase to the Antifa, who quickly found the tables turned on them in, of all places, another parking garage. In the ensuing melee one of the pro-White participants was arrested after an Antifa member bumped into him, but he is now out of jail and back home, a hero.

Many thanks to all of who stood together against the degenerate Sodomites and pedophiles in Knoxville!