by Billy Roper

Infamously, I spent several months last year warning people NOT to go to the Unite The Right rally in Charlottesville. I even made some enemies and burned some bridges by doing so. No disrespect intended to those who went ahead and went, anyway, any more than I would disrespect an old W.W. II veteran who fought bravely for what he thought were the right reasons and the right leaders, but a lot of people have since admitted that I was right, at least in regards to the big tent concept of binding ourselves to the Alt Lite, and the character of many of the impurity spiraling speakers and organizers of the event.

This is not an “I told you so”. I’m not bitter. Look, even though I explicitly told my own people not to go, and some of them still went, one of whom sits in jail there right now, I didn’t turn my back on them and write them off. Instead, despite having been the loudest voice against the event, I’ve tried my hardest to do as much as anyone to help the defendants in every way possible over the last ten months. This is not about August 12th, 2017, any more. This is about the future. This is 2018.

Jason Kessler could care less about the C-ville defendants. He just wants to royally piss off all of Charlottesville, including the presiding judge who will be handing down political prisoner Jacob Goodwin’s sentence less than two weeks later, by pulling a stunt in C-ville for his own selfish reasons. Following the jury’s recommendations, Jacob could get a suspended sentence and be headed home. Or, if Kessler has his way, Jacob could face twenty years in prison. He’s technically being held by Charlottesville as a hostage, in fine old military tradition. That stinks, but it is what it is. The only question is, is Kessler’s ego more important than the C-ville defendants’ futures? Maybe I’m the only one who noticed how quickly the Feds slapped James Fields with about thirty Federal hate crime charges after Kessler applied for a Unite The Right II rally permit in their district?

As everyone knows, I’m not against public rallies and protests. In fact, the ShieldWall Network uses the opportunity for our Phalanx to support allied organizations such as The Knights Party and the League of the South, or to trigger Antifa into coming out so we can then doxx them deeper and harder, or to provoke our enemies into reacting to us in extremity which causes the normie public to react negatively to them even when they aren’t yet ready to react positively to us, psychologically. (Operation Newton’s Cradle) We march into downtown Memphis to support Confederate monuments, oppose Gay Pride parades and pro-immigration protests, and hold anti-Sharia rallies. Frankly, our political purpose is to polarize and divide through accelerationism.

But Kessler’s Unite The Right II plans, now open for all of the world to see since he had poor OpSec using facebook to discuss them and somebody in their crew leaked it all to Unicorn Riot who then published it, just don’t fly. He doesn’t know where people will stay or how they will get there or who will be doing security. Heck, he can’t even do a podcast interview without his dad yelling at him to get out of his room. The kind of tactical planning of multiple entry and withdrawal routes with redundant rendezvous points and fallback positions which were absent from the first UTR are clearly beyond the capability of the planners of round two, as well. He also hasn’t learned anything about the failure of the big tent concept, and instead wants to double down and invite nonWhite speakers. That’s why every leader except one has disavowed Kessler and Unite The Right II, and they are all doing their best to talk some sense into the lone holdout, too. Maybe your sensible voice of reason may be the one to convince him, and any others who might want to tag along, that ‘for everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under Heaven’, and UTR II ain’t it.

I don’t want to spend the next year trying to help even more political prisoners who didn’t listen to crotchety old WN 1.0 purity spiralers and their warnings. I will if I have to, but I don’t want to. I have bigger fish to fry. So do you. Let’s move forward to the next battlefield, and win.