Last night at the street dance on our county courthouse square, there were over four hundred people present, literally only five of them nonWhite, and as an open air concert it was so peaceful that not a single policeman was necessary, or missed. Present were several new families who have moved here from Louisiana, Texas, and Mississippi, as well as from south Arkansas. There also was a very nice couple from Norway who have joined a colony of families from their country that have bought land and established a small community in the southern half of the county, because here it is Whiter than back home for them, too.

Every week, usually two or three times a week, we in the ShieldWall Network receive questions through e-mail or social media from White flight refugees. As more and more Whites head for the Upper South, Northern Arkansas and Eastern Tennessee, from darkening areas, I get a lot of inquiries about which area of Ozarkia is better. The job market is a consideration, as the Whitest areas sometimes have limited industry and retail opportunities since they are rural. So are the quality of schools for those with children, and access to other White Nationalists in the region. That’s one reason why I recommend visiting in person as a vacation to look around the area. As you begin to plan your relocation to our seedbed White ethnostate of Ozarkia, here is a good tool to use, an interactive map showing the White percentage of Arkansas counties. 

Don’t move to an area just because it’s advertised on the internet as being a White Homeland. Consider the larger region. Are the people there conservative or liberal? How high are taxes and how strict is governmental regulation, including gun laws? Arkansas is one of the most conservative and unregulated states, with now Constitutional Carry gun rights. We recommend you NOT move to any region less than 85% White, which currently excludes a large part of the United States. The over 90% White larger region of Ozarkia, with the heartland 95% core within it, is easy to locate just by clicking around using the tool above. Join and send me a friend request so I can help you network online with many of us who are already here, so you won’t come unprepared. You’ll also see how well Ozarkia compares to other areas of the country, as well. Very well.

Ten Whitest cities in Arkansas.

A similar demographic tool.